The efficient way to grasp new topics and concepts

Quick and competent

Lectures are learning experiences, which are more about concepts and approaches than practical solutions. It is the perfect way to be informed about new topics or contexts in a short time. With this input, teams get a head-on start.

A lecture can also be followed by more people. Even videos can be created for later internal use.

Lectures are possible for example on the following topics:

  • FileMaker
  • WordPress for starters
  • Image management
  • Requirements for good Keywording

Further training

When new projects are launched, know-how is sometimes needed that is not yet available in-house. Presentations can be very efficient in providing relevant information on important topics. As a result, you will make faster progress in the team.

Project support

Lectures and workshops can complement each other or become important in different project phases. If required, we can train your employees.