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I have been travelling to Israel for over 30 years. Each trip is different. Many tourists travel with groups, while others prefer individual journeys. I can offer an “in-between”-solution: You travel individually, but I organize unique nature trips with local guides. This is perfect for teams or for those looking for more authentic experiences. Though Israel has 4.5 million tourists per year, very few ever experience the country this way.

Karsten Risseeuw


Jeep tours and hiking in the Negev desert let you “feel” the country. Thousands of years people from many cultures inhabited this place. Caravans passed through the valleys and people lived from agriculture, cattle breeding and exploiting natural resources. The Negev is a rugged rocky desert, which changes its looks every few miles.

Golan Heights

The Golan Heights, in the very north of Israel, are a completely different landscape. The plateau runs along the border with Syria and Jordan and is rugged with many valleys. Here you can find waterfalls, endless green plains, cows, cowboys and wineries. The area is sparsely populated and nature is abundant. Historically and geographically, this area has been and is important.

Choose your adventure

I organize unique experiences in Israel, but not trips to Israel. This is perfect for individual travellers who know what they want. Everyone organizes their flight as well as the duration of the trip at their discretion. The multi-day tours can easily be embedded into your personal planning. I gladly will make suggestions for your adventures as well.

Each block (Negev or Golan) consists of 3 days of trips. Price for 3 full days is roughly CHF 510 per person, including jeep and guide (CHF 170 per day). Price might vary according to planning. Exact planning is individual per group. Individual arrival and departure.

Overnight stays are not included in this price and can be organized according to budget. I gladly help to organize this. Each block needs 4 overnight stays. Arrival is on the day before the first trip. Departure is the day after the trip.

Travelling and further plans

Everything works like an individual trip. The flight is booked by the participant himself, and everyone is responsible for insurance himself. Two types of adventures are offered (1x Negev, 1x Golan Heights) and these can be booked individually or combined. The time in between is at your free disposal and can be arranged as you wish. You might want to visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or tour around.

If you have only one week time, you can join a single adventure easily. If you want to book both adventures, you need two weeks to travel comfortably.

At the moment no trips

The COVID-19 pandemic has made travel planning almost impossible. The trips for spring 2021 have been cancelled.

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